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    Published on 09-17-2011 09:55 PM

    That's Dave in the center with the white hat and shirt standing before his 912.

    Over a decade ago, Dave Hillman brought us original the 912BBS. Sadly Dave is no longer with us, and the original BBS was forced into retirement by ever changing technology, but all of the 250,000+ posting by thousands of 912 enthusiasts are here!

    To enter BBS, just click on "Forum" at the top of this page. Be part of the next decade of growth and discovery as we continue our quest to know and understand all things 912. Also, feel free to click on some of the other areas (Blogs, Garage, Wiki) and share your projects, your cars, and your knowledge with other like-minded 912 lovers.
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    On a summer day late in June of 2007 shocking news spread quickly through the 912 community. Dave Hillman’s life had been ...